Gorilla Go Wild Online Slot Rating and reviews

The Gorilla Go Wild online slot from NextGen is an entertaining game with a jungle-themed environment and 3D visuals that puts you in the role of a charming ape. The gorilla named Gary is in no way a threat to anybody. He is there to assist you in winning some cash and, of course, eating some delicious bananas.

Gorilla Go Wild is a slot machine that has a return to player percentage of 92 percent and a volatility level that ranges from medium to high. This game is ideal for all gamers. Gary is a very generous gorilla, offering players a maximum win of 1,125,000 coins and 25 paylines across his slot machine. The adorable violet ape sits to the left of the reels and keeps an eye on them, handing you winnings and sometimes munching on bananas. All of his animal companions from the jungle are on the reels, and they are all prepared to provide you with gifts worth gold.

The presence of the bananas was not a random occurrence; rather, the longer you play, the more food Gary consumes. When Gary consumes all of the bananas, he advances in the game, which improves your odds of coming out on top. The closer he gets to you, the greater the likelihood that you will experience GARY BONUS TIME!, a bonus during which you will win the most valuable rewards.

The kindness shown by Gary does not stop there. During Gary’s Bonus Time, he may, at his own discretion, hand you a “ticket” to one of his feature kingdoms. After reaching a particular level of success in the bonus round, you will unlock a total of four features to use throughout that portion of the game. This feature is what makes the slot game so thrilling, and it’s also the most effective method to rack up larger prizes.

Setup for the Gorilla Go Wild Contest and Prizes

The Gorilla Go Wild online slot from NextGen is a game with a 5×3 layout and 25 different ways to wager. You are able to place bets ranging from 0.01, all the way up to 5.00, per line. This raises the maximum bet to 150.00, a quantity that is appropriate for high rollers to wager. However, we recommend that you decrease your bankroll if you are cautious with the money you have.

No matter how much you wager, Gary will always be in a giving mood and will reward you handsomely and regularly, not the least of which will be free spins. He is both the wild card and one of the symbols that pay out the most in the game. If you get five Gary the gorilla icons, you will get 1,500 coins, and if you get five scatters that look like an Aztec temple, you will receive 2,500 coins. The payouts for Gary’s other jungle friends are lower: five monkeys on the reels will offer you 500 coins, while five toucans will give you 250 coins.

The rules of the game are not too complicated. After deciding how much you want to wager, you press the “Spin” button. Because you cannot alter the number of paylines, you will always be required to wager the maximum amount. Following the conclusion of each spin, Gary may either bestow upon you an enormous multiplier or consume a banana. The multipliers might be anything from fifty to one thousand times the size of your original wager. When it comes to the bananas, Gary eats them as a snack whenever he’s hungry, which is pretty much all the time. When he has finished devouring the whole stack, he will move on to a different part of the jungle. At the same time, the amount of extra time he receives is raised, which indicates that a big multiplier is coming your way.

Finally, Gary has the option of granting you access to his Feature Kingdom, which is said to contain undiscovered riches. During Gary’s Bonus Time, this may happen at random, or it may be triggered by the appearance of three temple symbols.

Bonus Functions for the Game Gorilla Go Wild

The online slot game Gorilla Go Wild only has one kind of bonus round (free spins), yet there are four distinct variations of the game. Everything depends on the number of times it has been activated by you.

The first one is named Gorillionaire, and it becomes playable after the first trigger has been activated. You will get 10 free spins with any winnings being multiplied by two. When Gary is in a giving mood, he has the ability to bestow this Feature Kingdom boost on a player at random.

The second additional feature in Gary’s Kingdom is called Stay Wild, and it becomes playable after the fifth trigger. During this round, all wilds will remain in their current positions, and you will get ten free spins. If you are fortunate enough to land three or more wilds, you stand a good chance of earning a significant amount of money.

After you have triggered the bonus ten times, you will be able to access the third function, which is called the Mega-Rilla Multiplier. We found this feature to be the most exciting of the three. You will get 10 free spins exactly as you did before, but this time, any winners will have their total doubled by the free games feature, which begins at 1. Wilds have the potential to boost the multiplier by anywhere from one to ten times, and just like the other features, Gary has the ability to immediately activate it whenever he so chooses.

The last component of Gary’s Kingdom is referred to by its working title, More Wilds. You will be awarded 10 free spins once again, but this time, in addition to the scatter symbols, up to three other symbols on the reels might become wilds after each spin. This bonus round may be triggered after any spin in the basic game if Gary has a favorable opinion of you.

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